Minggu, 02 Agustus 2009

Untitled Poem

It's not about promises,
it's not about false or right.
It's all about loving..

People just don't understand.
They learn but mistaken.
They think but didn't listen.

Some people forbid,
others even thought it was a sin.
That's why wars neverend,
for people care not about others.

They thought their faith in god,
trying to be what god wants.
Though god never ask,
but to give.

What is wrong to love,
for god bring love upon us.
To give and to share.

Love won't hurt, feeling does.
Love won't anger, hatred does.

It's so perfect,
but too fragile to keep.
It's unmeasurable,
but so heavy to burden.

For we are only human,
playing god with something beyond our imagination.

Now we are nearly at the end of the road.
given up to be one,
losing hope being together.

Every differ brings more distance.
Every effort brings only vain.
only tears remain,
broken hearts to find.
And that's the end of the line.

song of the night: ST12 - KebesaranMu
this song is my fave one. How Great Thou Art! Thanks for every little thing happened in my life.

I'm glad to be with you,
even it's only for a while,
it's not the end of the world,
there's many other love u can find,
still ain't other love like mine,
just try and be with one..

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