Selasa, 28 Desember 2010

Let Me In

Let me in,
let me in your arms again.

Let me give my love to you once more.
Let me love you, let me love you.

Take me in,
take me in your arms to stay,
and I'll never go away again.

'Cause I love you, 'cause I love you.

Senin, 08 November 2010

Easter’s Computer Specification Standard

I’ve made some classifications for PC specification in some range of price, and this become standard for me in suggesting others from buying PC depending on their budget.

  1. Starter PC (< Rp.3M)
  2. Atom PC (< Rp.3M)
  3. Basic PC (Rp.3M-Rp.4M)
  4. Personal PC (Rp.4M-Rp.5M)
  5. Performance PC (Rp.5M-Rp.7M)
  6. Gaming PC (Rp.7M-Rp.12M)
  7. Enthusiast PC (Rp.12M-Rp.25M)

Of course i’m not making this specification by the best or the most expensive product in its class, but by the most efficent price vs performance comparison. That’s why even the enthusiast PC not using the best graphic card or processor available.

For the brand names, it’s not likely that i’m promoting some brands, but it’s just for easier price and specification comparison.

Easter's Enthusiast PC (Rp.12M-Rp.25M)


MB Biostar T-Power X58 Rp    2.031.000
CPU Intel i7 950 Rp    2.635.000
RAM Elixir DDR3 12800 3x4GB HS Rp    1.610.000
HDD WD SiliconEdge Blue 64GB + WD Green 2 TB 64MB Rp    2.700.000
ODD Liteon BDROM Combo Rp        925.000
GPU Sapphire HD6870 GDDR5 1GB Rp    2.470.000
ATX VenomRX Coral 850W Rp        918.000
PSU VenomRX Habu Neurotoxin Rp        583.000
PER Creative X-Fi Titanium Rp    1.068.000
KB Microsoft Sidewinder X6 Rp        805.000
MS Microsoft Sidewinder X5 Rp        665.000
MON AOC V22+ LED 21,5" Rp    2.345.000
SPK Creative T7900 7.1 Rp    1.229.000
    Rp  19.984.000

Better performance above other spec

Even more expenses if you are using more GPU config (2,3 Crossfire + Nvidia card as PhysX)

Easter's Gaming PC (Rp.7M-Rp.12M)


MB MSI 870A-Fuzion Rp    1.466.000
CPU AMD Phenom II X6 1055T Rp    1.667.000
RAM Elixir DDR3 12800 2x4GB HS Rp    1.140.000
HDD WD Black 1TB 64MB Rp        796.000
ODD Liteon 24X DVDRW Rp        183.000
GPU Sapphire HD6850 GDDR5 1GB Rp    1.850.000
ATX VenomRX Ferdelance 700W Rp        599.000
PSU VenomRX Mamushi Neurotoxin V2 Rp        398.000
KB Powerlogic Xenon Sabre Rp        254.000
MS Powerlogic Alien G9 Rp        269.000
MON AOC V22+ LED 21,5" Rp    2.345.000
SPK Creative T6160 5.1 Rp        712.000
    Rp  11.579.000

High performance gaming

A bit pricey

Easter's Performance PC (Rp.5M-Rp.7M)


MB MSI 870A-G54 Rp    1.082.000
CPU AMD Athlon II X4 640 Rp        904.000
RAM Elixir DDR3 12800 4GB HS Rp        570.000
HDD WD Green 1TB 64MB Rp        583.000
ODD Liteon 24X DVDRW Rp        183.000
GPU Sapphire HD5750 GDDR5 1GB Rp    1.229.000
ATX VenomRX Bushmaster 500W Rp        378.000
PSU VenomRX Mamushi Rp        299.000
KB Logitech Gaming G1 Rp        244.000
MS Logitech Gaming G1  
MON AOC E936SWA LED 18,5" Rp    1.270.000
SPK Creative SBS A200 2.1 Rp        223.000
    Rp    6.965.000

Perfect for normal home gaming
Support of emerging technology such USB 3.0 and SATA 3.0


Easter's Personal PC (Rp.4M-Rp.5M)


MB Biostar A780L3G Rp        483.000
CPU AMD Athlon II X3 445 Rp        681.000
RAM Elixir DDR3 12800 2GB Rp        294.000
HDD WD Green 500GB 32MB Rp        357.000
ODD Liteon 24X DVDRW Rp        183.000
GPU Sapphire HD5570 DDR3 1GB Rp        769.000
ATX VenomRX Wolf Snake 230W Rp        210.000
PSU VenomRX Wolf Snake 230W  
KB Logitech Gaming G1 Rp        244.000
MS Logitech Gaming G1  
MON AOC E936SWA LED 18,5" Rp    1.270.000
SPK Creative SBS A200 2.1 Rp        223.000
    Rp    4.714.000

Standard for today online gaming spec

Low graphic performance

Easter's Basic PC (Rp.3M-Rp.4M)


MB Biostar A780L3G Rp        483.000
CPU AMD Athlon II X2 220 Rp        469.000
RAM Elixir DDR3 12800 2GB Rp        294.000
HDD WD Blue 320GB 16MB Rp        332.000
GPU Sapphire HD5450 DDR2 512MB Rp        395.000
ATX VenomRX Wolf Snake 230W Rp        210.000
PSU VenomRX Wolf Snake 230W  
KB Microsoft Desktop 500 Rp        122.000
MS Microsoft Desktop 500  
MON AOC E936SWA LED 18,5" Rp    1.270.000
SPK AOC E936SWA LED 18,5"  
    Rp    3.575.000

Dedicated Graphic for standard low profile gaming

Poor performance for today's application and gaming

Easter's Atom PC (< Rp.3M)


MB Intel D510MO Rp        660.000
CPU Intel Atom D510  
RAM Elixir DDR2 1GB 6400 Rp        149.000
HDD Seagate 160GB 2,5" 7200RPM Rp        423.000
GPU Intel D510MO  
ATX VenomRX Tortuga 230W Rp        283.000
PSU VenomRX Tortuga 230W  
KB Microsoft Desktop 500 Rp        122.000
MS Microsoft Desktop 500  
MON AOC E1620SW LED 16" Rp        910.000
SPK Creative SBS 245 2.0 Rp        103.000
    Rp    2.650.000

Smallest (ITX Form Factor)
Lowest power usage

Slowest performance

Easter’s Starter PC (< Rp.3M)


MB Biostar A740GM2L+ Rp        423.000
CPU AMD Sempron 140 Rp        285.000
RAM Elixir DDR2 1GB 6400 Rp        149.000
HDD WD Blue 320GB 16MB Rp        332.000
GPU Biostar A740GM2L+  
ATX VenomRX Wolf Snake 230W Rp        210.000
PSU VenomRX Wolf Snake 230W  
KB Microsoft Desktop 500 Rp        122.000
MS Microsoft Desktop 500  
MON AOC E1620SW LED 16" Rp        910.000
SPK Creative SBS 245 2.0 Rp        103.000
    Rp    2.534.000

Faster than Intel Atom

Higher power usage than Intel Atom

Senin, 18 Oktober 2010

One Of Us

What if God was one of us?

Just a slob like one of us?

Just a stranger on a bus,
trying to make his way home..

Just trying to make his way home..

Back up to heaven all alone.

Nobody calling on the phone.

‘Cept for the pope maybe in Rome.

Rabu, 13 Oktober 2010

He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother

It’s a long long road.
From which there is no return.

While we’re on our way to there,
why not share.

And the load,
doesn’t weigh me down,
at all.

He ain’t heavy,
he’s my brother.

Two Is Better Than One

Maybe it’s true,
that i can’t live without you.

Maybe two,
is better than one.

There’s so much time, to figure out the rest of my life
But i’ll figure it out, when all is said and done.

is better than one.

Selasa, 12 Oktober 2010

Can't Fight This Feeling

Cause I can't fight this feeling anymore.
I've forgotten what I've started fighting for.
And even if I have to crawl upon your floor,
Come crashing through your door.

Baby I can't fight this feeling anymore..

Minggu, 10 Oktober 2010

Talking To The Moon

At night when the stars light up my room, 
I sit by myself,
talking to the moon,
try to get to you…

In hopes you’re on the other side,
talking to me too…

Or am i a fool,
Who sits alone,
Talking to the moon.

Sabtu, 09 Oktober 2010

I Have Nothing

Don't make me close one more door.
I don't wanna hurt anymore.
Stay in my arms if you dare,
or must I imagine you there.
Don't walk away from me...
I have nothing, nothing, nothing,
if I don't have you.

Worry About You

Broken lover,
yes, i made you.

Believe that I,
would be the one to heal you.

And if you go now,
out that doorway.

I won’t say you’re wrong,
but you know that..
I worry about you.

Selasa, 05 Oktober 2010

The Air That I Breathe

I figured what it is all about.
It's you that I could never live without.
You’re everything,
the air that I breathe.
Stupid not to know it all along,
and everything I ever did was wrong.
Sadly it's too late for sorry.

Rabu, 28 April 2010

Argo Parahyangan Schedule

It’s been a while since i took train modes from Bekasi to Bandung. There’s some things to notice though, Around Feb 2010, Parahyangan train ticket for Business Class raised from 25K to 30K. And since 27 April 2010, Parahyangan and Argo Gede merged into Argo Parahyangan which serve only 7 daily trips from 13 daily trips (6 Argo Gede, 7 Parahyangan). But still not to worry if you are on a low budget, since business class is still available. Last time i took Parahyangan, it serve around 3-4 coach of Business Class, but the new Argo Parahyangan only serve 2 coach of Business Class, so it’s better to buy the ticket early!

Anyway here’s the schedule for the new Argo Parahyangan, hope it helps.





Kamis, 25 Maret 2010

Top 5 Animated Movies Soundtracks

1 Pinocchio (1940)
When You Wish upon A Star – Cliff Edwards

2 OST Aladdin (1992)
A Whole New World – Regine Belle and Peabo Bryson

3 OST Beauty and The Beast (1991)
Beauty and the Beast – Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson

4 OST The Lion King (1994)
Can You Feel The Love Tonight – Elton John

5 OST Tarzan (1999)
You'll Be in My Heart – Phil Collins

Fun Facts :)
All Movies are From Walt Disney Company
All Songs are Academy Award Best Song Winner
Peabo Bryson duets won the awards twice in a row (1991 and 1992)

Jumat, 05 Maret 2010


New Picture

It’s been a while since my Broadband ISP having bandwidth leak. But it does FAST enough!

Rabu, 24 Februari 2010

Wallet in The Garbage

as i told before, i lost my wallet in sunday. I was surely remembered that i put the wallet aside my laptop. But it wasn’t there after i returned from dagor’s. luckily i have my ID scanned on my pc. But today (wednesday), my driver saw the wallet near the garbage back of my house. the contents seems all wet, means that the wallet should’ve been in the trash container from yesterday (or more). Everything is there except the 2 grands.. well the fact is my wallet only filled with 2 gs and 3 coins. my sister even had more than that.. :) Anyway all the IDs, Card, etc. are there. Just another burglar trying to steal from a beggar. (- _ –;)P

Selasa, 23 Februari 2010


Things have gotten really bad lately. Lost my wallet in my own house, rejected negotiation with my advisor, even my rented house in bandung full of rat poo (holy crap!!).
Guess i should make a another fresh start.. Just try to take a different perspective i guess. Though there's such jinx come to my mind when standing near that person.. (Remember the cellphone, netbook thing?) Hope it's a false detection anyway. An amazing 2010!

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Jumat, 19 Februari 2010

My Computer

AMD Athlon II X4 620 2.6 GHz
Unlocked 6MB L3 Cache, OC 35% (3.51 GHz), +0.100 Vcore
HT @ 2.43 GHz, NB @ 2.43 GHz, + 0.50 NB Voltage, ACC Enabled

Biostar TA790GXE
SLIC 2.1 HPQOEM Modded
BIOS Version 78DDM129

Transcend AxeRam 800+ 4-4-4-12
Run @ 667 MHz, OC 900 MHz 4-5-5-10

Graphics Card:
Sapphire HD5770 1GB GDDR5
OC Core @ 1000 MHz, Memory @ 5633 MHz, +0.125 Vcore

Hard Disk Drive:
WD Black 32MB SATA2 500GB
WD Green 16MB SATA2 500GB x2

Optical Disk Drive:
Liteon DVDRW 22x SATA

Power Supply Unit:
VenomRX Boomslang 700W

Custom Acrylic with 5x Sunon 120mm Fan

A4Tech X7 XL-750F 2500 dpi USB Laser Mouse

A4Tech G600 Gaming Keyboard

JBL Creature II Red

AOC 931FWZ 19” 1680*1050@60Hz DVI
Sharp Aquos LC-32PX5ML 32” 1366*768@60Hz HDMI

Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Reciever
Media Center Remote Control Reciever

Senin, 01 Februari 2010

The 3rd Expedition to Jakarta

Again, i'm doing another expedition in Jakarta. The second one was a failure.. Tee-hee.. Anyway, i ain't losing hope cos i have faith on it..

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Jumat, 29 Januari 2010

Another Exploration in Jakarta..

Well after writing the last post, i finally met with The One. Hm.. No wonder even Jakarta Operational Manager sent me to meet her, even his worker called her,, madam.. Yes, she's old, with glasses, white hair.. Funny but she's very interesting person. We talked.. A lot, and it's very communicative, well she does sometimes angry with me.. Tee-hee.. No wonder. But anyway, she did listen. And that's what has been missing with others person i ever met in PT KA.
Well she suggested me to speak with an easier words. She realized that lot of people seems won't understand what i've been looking for. I guess she was right. Maybe i should've used a lower level of languages. Maybe i was hoping too much, well i did actually.. Tee-hee.. Not so much findings, but i'm so happy today, at least i've meet someone who somehow did understand what i've been looking for.
Well it's about time. After having some discussion with her, i went to Bandung Station. Hmm.. Since there's some money in my pocket, i bought an almond brownies in Kartika Sari.. Take another walk, and finally reach the Station, bought the business class ticket. Since i haven't had lunch yet, i went to Hoka hoka Bento. Seems juicy, yes it is, since i bought the expensive one.. :( at first i just want to buy the hoka hemat, which cost only 11K, but it's 24.5K! What a waste, since i did finished all of it.. (i'm hungry).
And that's for now, i'm on the train, on my way to.. Gambir Station.. Tee-hee..

UPDATED STATUS: well i don't see any benefit by going to Gambir right now, so i will just drop at Bekasi Station for now. But yes, tomorrow is gonna be the exploration day! Just wait.. Tee..hee..

Main Office of PT Kereta Api

Today, i planned to go to PT KA DAOP2 Bandung which supposed to be located near Bandung Station. It does near, but i drop off on the wrong part of the station. The PT KA DAOP2 located in the south part of the station. The problem is i drop off on the north part, and you can't pass the station freely unless you have a ticket. Well i did plan to return to Jakarta (again, tee..hee..) but who knows if un-planned things happen again, so rather buying the ticket, i took a jitney (angkot) to the south side. Took a wrong jitney (forgot to ask.. Tee..hee), and took another one and drop off in front of Hall Station. Took a little walk, reached the DAOP, but since i'm a little bit nervous, i took a sit nearby to write the outline.. Tee-hee..
In the entrance, i asked the security, and they told me to took straight from the security post.. Did it, then i asked the front office about the person i supposed to met. Hmm.. But she doesn't seems to recognize her working there. So she said to took left over the room. Did it, well it was the commercial office. Asked someone, but he also don't recognized her.. Until someone said if it was the identical name of her. Well the problem is, she wasn't working there. She was at the Main Office. Well.. Another walk.. I don't know where's the Main Office of PT KA, but they said it was near BNI building. Hmm.. I think i got it..
Took another walk.. Lot of sweat over my body, yes, Bandung seems hot this morning. Finally managed to saw that PT KA Main Office thing. Well i thought i've saw it before.. Headed to security, put my ID there and got the guest card. Well the Main Office does huge.. Tee-hee.. It has their own mosque, parking lot.. I guess it will be interesting to have a job there.. :) anyway right now i'm waiting her, since i haven't made an appointment, and right now, she's having a meeting.. Remembering me someone whose love to being busy..

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Selasa, 12 Januari 2010

A Little Trip To Bekasi City Police (Polres Bekasi) *Updated*

Today i went to Bekasi City Police or Kepolisian Resort (Polres) Bekasi. I accompanied Acing to extend his Class C Driving License which will expire tomorrow (his birthday).. tee-hee.. :) anyway, here’s what i’ve got from our trip. There are few motorcycle parking nearby the Polres, a little phenomenon which occur nearby park and ride area such train station also happened here. People which have land around such strategic place rent their space for motorcycle parking, here they named such service as Tempat Penitipan Motor (TPM), or Motorcycle Deposit Center. It’s one grand for one time parking. In addition to TPM, there’s also few photocopy center. Since you need to have few copies of your ID Card as requirements to obtain/extend driving license. Although the photocopy is more expensive there, so it would be wiser to copy the ID Card from your nearby photocopy center. Other than the ID Card copies, you will also need 112 Grands as fee to extend your driving license.

First you have to take the medical checkup, such color blind test, etc. The location is behind the Polres, you have to enter from the alley right of the Polres. Here you have to pay 22 grands as fee. Now you need to go to the Polres. There, you need to pay 30 grands for insurance. For C-Class license, an accident which causing death or disability will recieve 2 millions from the insurance. After those two, you need to pay 60 grands for the administration fee to extend your driving license. You need to fill out the form, and then collect it to the administrator, wait for your turn to take the photo for your driving license, and.. it’s done!! you just have to wait a few moments for your driving license to finished. It took only 45 minutes to extend your driving license. It’s fast enough for something you have to do once in 5 years isn’t??

Updated 17/02: again i went to Polres Bekasi, and accompanied pa sopir and n3xtg3n. There’s one thing you need to know though, you may proceed the driving license without paying for the insurance. It gave you a 30 grands less to pay for, giving a total of 82 Gs for extending your driving license. Also, for people who want to obtain the driving license, the difference is only 15 Gs for the admin fees (total of 127 Gs with insurance). I haven’t tried to obtain it with the legal way, so i can’t tell you exactly what to do, but AFAIK, you will need to pass the exam test, both practice and written, and probably need around a week of process. (it’s not like you will do the test right away in the same day i guess) There is of course another solution which is the “fastest and easiest” way, but you will need around 350 Gs and an hour of process to obtain the license. It is far more expensive, but if it is only for an hour rather than a week, i guess many people will do it with the second solution.. That’s life, that’s my country..

Jumat, 08 Januari 2010

Destination All Around The World: Tall Monuments

3. Trafalgar Square: Central London, England

Here lies Admiral Horatio Nelson’s Column (the tall monument).

2. National Mall: Washington D.C.


Here lies the obelisk-like Washington Monument.

Rabu, 06 Januari 2010

Intel® Atom™ Processor N450: Radical Changes on Netbook

Intel® Atom™ N270/280 to Intel® Atom™ Processor N450/N470 Architecture


The scheme show us the architecture changes from long based Intel FSB to Intel DMI, by integrating Northbridge tasks, such as onboard graphics and memory controller into Processor. This  bring to lower power usage since there’s only 2 chips left. Just like Intel 1156 with P55 chipset. With onboard graphics integrated in the processor, there’s no need for additional onboard graphics chipset such nVidia ION, which surely use more power. Hence, the new onboard graphics GMA3150 seems not getting much better than previous GMA950. the processor does have about 10% increase in performance. But for me the aim of this improvement is only to decrease the bill of material, so to speak this kind of architecture will be getting more cheaper. But by doing so, the user also get benefit by having a less power usage (from 3 to 2 chips) which lead to higher battery life for netbook. It’s almost the same battery performance against the Z520 with US15W (2 chips with Northbridge with Southbridge in one chip) which use a total about 4.5W.

A Little Walk to Bekasi Square

Today i planned to bring my brother’s Nokia E75 to NCC to repair it’s firmware. after googling i found out there’s also a NCC in Bekasi Square.. Why not in Metropolitan Mall you say? because there’s always a big queue there. It’s good to have a walk in a mall, since i also want to watch a movie, and there they shows Sang Pemimpi.. just what i wanted to watch (since Sherlock Holmes not yet available in Bekasi).

Just what i wanted, there’s not even a queue in NCC Bekasi Square, simple talk, and the CS asked to return in an hour.. though they will also sent a SMS if the phone fixed. so i went to 21 cineplex and buy the ticket.. a bit waiting, but then i’m a bit late for the shows.. my phone clock was 20 minutes late.. :( well it’s not really late though, the story was just only begun. For me, the movie was top rated. it has good meaning, good storyline, an art should i say.. there’s some flaw though, they (the producer) was unable to completely visualize the time of the story. The license plate number is one of the example.

After watching the movie, i went to NCC. Well the worst i ever want to hear does happened.. The CS told me that the phone was unsucessfuly flashed, so they had to reflash it again.. so i wait for another 30 minutes. after then, the CS again told me that they were unable to fix it now. so i have to pick it up tomorrow (if they able to got it right of course). Though i don’t think they will able to fix it. If they were unable, they said they had to sent it to Level 3 (wow!! so there should be level 1 eh??) and it will took more time, about 2-3 weeks.. well i should’ve known better, since i also tried to flash it with ovi more than twice but was unable to do that in the first place. hope they don’t crash the phone.

Selasa, 05 Januari 2010

Things Has Getting Bad.. Really Bad Lately

In this new year, many unfortunate things happened to me. Yesterday, just when i returned from Bali i lost my moto-calculato-rola in the bus which i used for my XL number. Ain’t gonna make it a big fuss since i absolutely sure it should be in the bus, but if it isn’t so then... But today i just lost my MSI Wind U100 which supposed to be left in pa sopir’s car. I forgot to take it out of his car yesterday since it was already late. But in the morning i remembered, and try to contact him. By the noon he called and told me that he got his side window crashed, and seems someone took the netbook also. It’s not only the netbook, there’s also a sata/ata to usb converter and my micro sd card reader which i used as flash drive there. But the weird thing is, both things i lost isn’t far from my small black bag i used to put all the cellphone chargers and my kit.. Sayonara then for good.. Just Pray for my Brother to get well soon..

Senin, 04 Januari 2010

23 Hours of Life: Haven't slept yet since returned from Bali

Back to usual life, i continue developing pa sopir's game center. The deployment seems unsucessful. I haven't found the real problem yet, but i just too tired.. Need some rest. I hope i could make a brief guide later on about computer software and os deployment after finished this job.
Yet i have to learn how to crimp the RJ-45, since pa sopir's the one who've been crimping all the time. I also needed to learn how to deploy a microtic unit which run under linux environment. Well.. Soon i'll try to learn both, but all i need right now just.. Rest.. Zzzz

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Minggu, 03 Januari 2010


Again stuck in the bus. It's almost 3'o clock in the morning now. As i said before, we will arrive at dawn in bekasi. For me, there's no fun left with this long long trip..
Today i should be deploying the pc in pa sopir's game center, it will took a long time, with 20 pc, and est about 30 minutes clone each. It will took about a day!.. Gonna get all worn-out. Can't wait to watch Sherlock Holmes!!

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Sabtu, 02 Januari 2010


Location: Sarangan
time showing: 03.30

it's shivering out there.. Me, i just sit still in the living room. There's not much thing to do, about to resent the email but the broadband signal (well it's not even EVDO here) so weak and unstable.
Tomorrow is the end of the trip, back to Bekasi.. Though i don't really think we gonna arrive in Bekasi tomorrow anyway.. :)

song of the dawn: B.I.P - Struggle (Takkan Pernah) --> if the attachment wasn't properly sent, do googling to find this.. ;)

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Jumat, 01 Januari 2010

Happy New Year 2010 AD

As the title above says, i just want to say happy new year to everyone. A little bit late i guess, since i was feeling unwell on the new year eve, but it shouldn't be a problem now.. :)
Not so good trip since two days before i went to Bali, i noticed my upper lip was hurt by itself.. This aphthous ulcer is killing me during the trip. A bit bored since i also went to Bali about halfyear before. But with different persons and different locations, the trip experience does differ than before. For example there's cs and dagor's brother with their family. There's also my uncle, auntee, and my cousins. This time i don't take much picture, so i can't upload it to my blog.