Selasa, 05 Januari 2010

Things Has Getting Bad.. Really Bad Lately

In this new year, many unfortunate things happened to me. Yesterday, just when i returned from Bali i lost my moto-calculato-rola in the bus which i used for my XL number. Ain’t gonna make it a big fuss since i absolutely sure it should be in the bus, but if it isn’t so then... But today i just lost my MSI Wind U100 which supposed to be left in pa sopir’s car. I forgot to take it out of his car yesterday since it was already late. But in the morning i remembered, and try to contact him. By the noon he called and told me that he got his side window crashed, and seems someone took the netbook also. It’s not only the netbook, there’s also a sata/ata to usb converter and my micro sd card reader which i used as flash drive there. But the weird thing is, both things i lost isn’t far from my small black bag i used to put all the cellphone chargers and my kit.. Sayonara then for good.. Just Pray for my Brother to get well soon..

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