Jumat, 29 Januari 2010

Another Exploration in Jakarta..

Well after writing the last post, i finally met with The One. Hm.. No wonder even Jakarta Operational Manager sent me to meet her, even his worker called her,, madam.. Yes, she's old, with glasses, white hair.. Funny but she's very interesting person. We talked.. A lot, and it's very communicative, well she does sometimes angry with me.. Tee-hee.. No wonder. But anyway, she did listen. And that's what has been missing with others person i ever met in PT KA.
Well she suggested me to speak with an easier words. She realized that lot of people seems won't understand what i've been looking for. I guess she was right. Maybe i should've used a lower level of languages. Maybe i was hoping too much, well i did actually.. Tee-hee.. Not so much findings, but i'm so happy today, at least i've meet someone who somehow did understand what i've been looking for.
Well it's about time. After having some discussion with her, i went to Bandung Station. Hmm.. Since there's some money in my pocket, i bought an almond brownies in Kartika Sari.. Take another walk, and finally reach the Station, bought the business class ticket. Since i haven't had lunch yet, i went to Hoka hoka Bento. Seems juicy, yes it is, since i bought the expensive one.. :( at first i just want to buy the hoka hemat, which cost only 11K, but it's 24.5K! What a waste, since i did finished all of it.. (i'm hungry).
And that's for now, i'm on the train, on my way to.. Gambir Station.. Tee-hee..

UPDATED STATUS: well i don't see any benefit by going to Gambir right now, so i will just drop at Bekasi Station for now. But yes, tomorrow is gonna be the exploration day! Just wait.. Tee..hee..

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