Rabu, 20 Mei 2009

Dan Satu Bulan Kemudian

Sebulan sudah saya tidak menulis blog. A problem or two makes it hard for me to write. Setidaknya kuliah saya saat ini sudah selesai. It's time for me to seek some job.. I'm jobless now, hate to say this but i really have to manage myself sooner or later. Some of my friends already have a fine job now. I myself have interest in working for mass transport in jakarta, maybe will look for job @ BPPT or Dephub.
I have no capital so never think to go abroad for a while. But for some thoughts i do interested to work for futuristic transportation studies in Europe. Why'd i love to study n work about mass transport? It's all because i believe every person in this world have rights to gain an easy access of mobility, to move from origin to destination, and it is mass transportation as form. Despite i also have this very nightmare of mine where i lost my life by driving.

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