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5 How To’s: Blackberry 9930 Verizon

 I recently owned Blackberry 9930 Verizon, but i sold it after a week of "boring" usage. Here, i wrote some guide regarding basic tweak for Blackberry 9930.

1. Change Phone “My Number” on Blackberry 9930 Verizon

Turn off radio
Go to Phone, press ##000000
A window will show up
Edit the respected field (My Number)
Press Menu, save
The phone will restart, and “My Number” should change.

2. Blackberry App World 3.0: Check network connection Problem on Blackberry 9930 Verizon

I don’t know if anyone experience this, but i was unable to launch App World 3.0 after update from default App World
My workaround after install the App World 3.0 update
Go to Options, Device, Advanced System Settings, Host Routing Table
Press menu on Bold font, and select register now
At that time i also connect my phone with wifi, to ensure the network connection, since the mobile network in my house relatively poor.
I was able to access the App World 3.0 with this two method applied.

3. Enable NFC on Blackberry 9930 Verizon

What is NFC? Near Field Communication, used for Banking and can also be used as Bluetooth replacement.
The default OS from Verizon locked this feature.
To enable, you need to flash the latest OS (or at least 3XX version)
Download the OS and install
Don’t forget to delete the vendor.xml
Run the apploader.exe
Install the OS as usual, do backup and restore if necessary


4. How to remove Verizon logo at Startup and Shutdown on Blackberry 9930 Verizon

There’s no exact and safe way to do this, since it is said it could brick your phone (and i don’t think it’s a good idea to try it for now)

5. How to install Blackberry Beta Apps on Blackberry 9930 Verizon

First of course you need to have Blackberry Beta Zone ID, it’s different from Blackberry ID and Blackberry Developer ID, so make sure to create one, don’t forget that you need the same email and PIN registered on your Blackberry.
I suggest you to select United States as your Location, since it is said that not all countries have eligibility to test Beta Apps.
If you have create the ID successfully, you will be able to subscribe some beta apps which is being tested at the moment
Let’s start with subscribing the BBM beta.
Now open the beta zone from the phone.
Login, and select the BBM
Select download, and keep next and agree until you finally download the beta apps, install the apps and you should be asked to reboot. Do it
You should also recieve an email with beta key, after the reboot open the email, and copy the key.
Now open the beta apps, and scroll through the end until you will be asked for the key.
Paste the key, and agree.
Now you have successfully install the BBM beta apps.

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  1. Change Phone “My Number” on Blackberry 9930 Verizon

    1. Change Phone “My Number” on Blackberry 9930 Verizon
    - Turn off radio
    - Go to Phone, press #000000

    I'm sorry here you made a mistake, the number we have to press is ##000000, not #000000.

    Thank you.

  2. thank you for correction, i have updated the guide :)