Jumat, 11 November 2011

SGS2 I9100: Chainfire3D and Anti Aliasing

I recently bought Samsung Galaxy S2 and I am content with SGS2 performance.
But as a human, i always ask for something more..

In this article, i compare the graphic quality differences by enabling MSAA.
You can apply MSAA by buying Chainfire3D Pro, you also need rooted devices and proper kernel to do this.
In this article i compared 3 different setting, without MSAA, 4x MSAA, and 16x MSAA.
I use Eternal Legacy as benchmark, since it is my favourite game and shows a very clear difference image quality between each settings.
I use built in screen capture to capture the image, and here it goes.



16x MSAA
16x MSAA

On the first image, you can see the character and environment full of jagged edges. That is because i (and the game itself) didn't apply MSAA.
On the second image, which is using 4x MSAA you can see no more jagged edges in the character and the environment.
On the third image, by applying 16x MSAA you can see even better tile texture.
But of course applying 16x MSAA resulting in dropped performance.

I didn't tried to overclock the GPU to 400 MHz (which 3D defaults in 267 MHz), but i see that overclocking the CPU provides better performance (run the game in 1-1,4GHz)
Me myself prefer to use 4x MSAA for this game, it provides much better image quality than the default settings.

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  1. I have the tmobile version of the galaxy s ii and all of my textures are green. I have chainfire3d. Any idea how to get the textures to change?

  2. can you be more specific about the green texture? for some games, such condition may occur due to driver incompatibility. Me myself cant run stock browser (force close) if i flash the CF3D driver.

  3. [...] for some games it does provide visual enhancement, i have done a review of this apps in here.. I haven’t tried the GPU plugin, so i can’t say anything about that, though it states [...]