Selasa, 04 Januari 2011

List of 7 Eleven Outlets Jakarta (UPDATED 26/01/2011)

Here’s the list of 7 Eleven outlets in Jakarta. There are total of 22 outlets as of January 2011. As you can see at the list, the outlet concentrated in Jakarta Selatan Region, yet there are still no 7 Eleven in Pluit and Kelapa Gading, which both are in Jakarta Utara Region. Most of the times, i visited the Mampang Outlet since i had some appointment there. I also had visited Teluk Betung Outlet, which is behind Grand Indonesia.

IMO 7 Eleven is a good place to hangout, drink slurpee, eat big bites (hotdog) with whopping cheese, all with decent price. With self service scheme, there are many consumers which are not really understand how it works, e.g. filling the big bites ingredients themselves, instead asking the shopkeeper to do so, and the most important thing, disposing their waste to the provided trash can after finished eating/drinking.

Sabtu, 01 Januari 2011

Time of Love

「もう一度 やり直せるのなら」

(mou ichido yarinaoseru no nara)

Once more, If I can start over again


[omoide ga kiete mo ii]

It’s okay even all the memories disappear

「初めて出会うように 愛されたい 愛していたい」

[hajimete deau you ni aisaretai aishiteitai]

Just like the first time we met, I want to love and be loved

「もう一度 君に会えるのなら 今度こそ離れない」

[mou ichido kimi ni aeru no nara kondo koso hanarenai]

Once more, If I can meet you again, this time I won’t let you go

「そう 時間は動くの 壊れてた時計も きっと The time of lov e」

[sou toki wa ugoku no kowareteta tokei mo kitto The time of love]

The time that is ticking from a broken clock, it must be the time of love