Jumat, 29 Januari 2010

Main Office of PT Kereta Api

Today, i planned to go to PT KA DAOP2 Bandung which supposed to be located near Bandung Station. It does near, but i drop off on the wrong part of the station. The PT KA DAOP2 located in the south part of the station. The problem is i drop off on the north part, and you can't pass the station freely unless you have a ticket. Well i did plan to return to Jakarta (again, tee..hee..) but who knows if un-planned things happen again, so rather buying the ticket, i took a jitney (angkot) to the south side. Took a wrong jitney (forgot to ask.. Tee..hee), and took another one and drop off in front of Hall Station. Took a little walk, reached the DAOP, but since i'm a little bit nervous, i took a sit nearby to write the outline.. Tee-hee..
In the entrance, i asked the security, and they told me to took straight from the security post.. Did it, then i asked the front office about the person i supposed to met. Hmm.. But she doesn't seems to recognize her working there. So she said to took left over the room. Did it, well it was the commercial office. Asked someone, but he also don't recognized her.. Until someone said if it was the identical name of her. Well the problem is, she wasn't working there. She was at the Main Office. Well.. Another walk.. I don't know where's the Main Office of PT KA, but they said it was near BNI building. Hmm.. I think i got it..
Took another walk.. Lot of sweat over my body, yes, Bandung seems hot this morning. Finally managed to saw that PT KA Main Office thing. Well i thought i've saw it before.. Headed to security, put my ID there and got the guest card. Well the Main Office does huge.. Tee-hee.. It has their own mosque, parking lot.. I guess it will be interesting to have a job there.. :) anyway right now i'm waiting her, since i haven't made an appointment, and right now, she's having a meeting.. Remembering me someone whose love to being busy..

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