Jumat, 01 Januari 2010

Happy New Year 2010 AD

As the title above says, i just want to say happy new year to everyone. A little bit late i guess, since i was feeling unwell on the new year eve, but it shouldn't be a problem now.. :)
Not so good trip since two days before i went to Bali, i noticed my upper lip was hurt by itself.. This aphthous ulcer is killing me during the trip. A bit bored since i also went to Bali about halfyear before. But with different persons and different locations, the trip experience does differ than before. For example there's cs and dagor's brother with their family. There's also my uncle, auntee, and my cousins. This time i don't take much picture, so i can't upload it to my blog.

there's much thing left to do from the year past. Hopes everything will be going well in this year, to me, and also to anyone.. Again i'd say happy new year 2010!!

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