Selasa, 12 Januari 2010

A Little Trip To Bekasi City Police (Polres Bekasi) *Updated*

Today i went to Bekasi City Police or Kepolisian Resort (Polres) Bekasi. I accompanied Acing to extend his Class C Driving License which will expire tomorrow (his birthday).. tee-hee.. :) anyway, here’s what i’ve got from our trip. There are few motorcycle parking nearby the Polres, a little phenomenon which occur nearby park and ride area such train station also happened here. People which have land around such strategic place rent their space for motorcycle parking, here they named such service as Tempat Penitipan Motor (TPM), or Motorcycle Deposit Center. It’s one grand for one time parking. In addition to TPM, there’s also few photocopy center. Since you need to have few copies of your ID Card as requirements to obtain/extend driving license. Although the photocopy is more expensive there, so it would be wiser to copy the ID Card from your nearby photocopy center. Other than the ID Card copies, you will also need 112 Grands as fee to extend your driving license.

First you have to take the medical checkup, such color blind test, etc. The location is behind the Polres, you have to enter from the alley right of the Polres. Here you have to pay 22 grands as fee. Now you need to go to the Polres. There, you need to pay 30 grands for insurance. For C-Class license, an accident which causing death or disability will recieve 2 millions from the insurance. After those two, you need to pay 60 grands for the administration fee to extend your driving license. You need to fill out the form, and then collect it to the administrator, wait for your turn to take the photo for your driving license, and.. it’s done!! you just have to wait a few moments for your driving license to finished. It took only 45 minutes to extend your driving license. It’s fast enough for something you have to do once in 5 years isn’t??

Updated 17/02: again i went to Polres Bekasi, and accompanied pa sopir and n3xtg3n. There’s one thing you need to know though, you may proceed the driving license without paying for the insurance. It gave you a 30 grands less to pay for, giving a total of 82 Gs for extending your driving license. Also, for people who want to obtain the driving license, the difference is only 15 Gs for the admin fees (total of 127 Gs with insurance). I haven’t tried to obtain it with the legal way, so i can’t tell you exactly what to do, but AFAIK, you will need to pass the exam test, both practice and written, and probably need around a week of process. (it’s not like you will do the test right away in the same day i guess) There is of course another solution which is the “fastest and easiest” way, but you will need around 350 Gs and an hour of process to obtain the license. It is far more expensive, but if it is only for an hour rather than a week, i guess many people will do it with the second solution.. That’s life, that’s my country..

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