Rabu, 06 Januari 2010

A Little Walk to Bekasi Square

Today i planned to bring my brother’s Nokia E75 to NCC to repair it’s firmware. after googling i found out there’s also a NCC in Bekasi Square.. Why not in Metropolitan Mall you say? because there’s always a big queue there. It’s good to have a walk in a mall, since i also want to watch a movie, and there they shows Sang Pemimpi.. just what i wanted to watch (since Sherlock Holmes not yet available in Bekasi).

Just what i wanted, there’s not even a queue in NCC Bekasi Square, simple talk, and the CS asked to return in an hour.. though they will also sent a SMS if the phone fixed. so i went to 21 cineplex and buy the ticket.. a bit waiting, but then i’m a bit late for the shows.. my phone clock was 20 minutes late.. :( well it’s not really late though, the story was just only begun. For me, the movie was top rated. it has good meaning, good storyline, an art should i say.. there’s some flaw though, they (the producer) was unable to completely visualize the time of the story. The license plate number is one of the example.

After watching the movie, i went to NCC. Well the worst i ever want to hear does happened.. The CS told me that the phone was unsucessfuly flashed, so they had to reflash it again.. so i wait for another 30 minutes. after then, the CS again told me that they were unable to fix it now. so i have to pick it up tomorrow (if they able to got it right of course). Though i don’t think they will able to fix it. If they were unable, they said they had to sent it to Level 3 (wow!! so there should be level 1 eh??) and it will took more time, about 2-3 weeks.. well i should’ve known better, since i also tried to flash it with ovi more than twice but was unable to do that in the first place. hope they don’t crash the phone.

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