Sabtu, 24 September 2011

How to get Honeycomb on Viewsonic Viewpad 10s?


You want to install Honeycomb in your device which gives better UI, multi tasking and application compatibility.

You aware that the Honeycomb is unofficial and in development stage with many bugs and flaws



USB A-A (Male-Male) cable

USB Driver

Modded Stock v2 (

VegaComb 3.2 (Latest: 9n), put it on MicroSD ([rom]-[3-2]-vegacomb-3-2-build-5-a.html)


Connect the device to PC with USB cable

Set the device into recovery mode

Install USB driver (APX)

Flash Modded Stock v2

Wait until finish (press enter..)

Wait until device turned off

Turn on the device

Get into CWM Recovery

Select Install from ZIP, choose file from SD Card, select the

VegaComb will install, wait patiently

After installation complete, reboot device

If you exactly follow the guide, the device will boot with 3.2 Honeycomb successfully

4 komentar:

  1. how do u deal with errors while creating partitions?

  2. Actually I only own the viewpad for a week, and fortunately it always worked for me. Did the computer recognize the device during recovery mode as APX? You might try to flash the stock rom first via recovery, then flash the vegacomb.

  3. mas bro, viewtab nya kok jadi ngeblank doank ya gara2 instal aplikasi.. bisa dikembaliin semula g ya

  4. Cara paling gampang sih di flash ulang mas ama firmware asli nya. bisa didapat di website Viewsonic
    langkah2 nya cukup mudah dan jelas dari instruksi di situs tersebut.
    Meskipun umumnya firmware yang ada di Indonesia sudah v1.11, yang mana di website Viewsonic masih v1.09.