Sabtu, 24 September 2011

How to access Viewsonic Viewpad 10s MicroSD from PC/notebook with wifi router?


You want to access device MicroSD from your PC/notebook wirelessly

You don’t have Bluetooth on your PC




Wifi Router

FileExpert (Latest: v3.2.6,

TotalCommander (Latest: v7.56a,

Download FileExpert

Install & Open

Press Menu, Select More, Settings

Select FTP Settings, FTP Server Settings

Fill in FTP user name & FTP password as you wish

Back to main menu

Press Share, select Enable FTP Sharing

New window will pop up with device IP address, user name, password & port (default port:2211)

Install TotalCommander in your PC/Notebook

Press New FTP Connection button (icon with URL text)

Input IP address:port (e.g.:, untick anonymous connection

You will be prompted for username & password

Successful attempt will open window of /sdcard/ of your device

NB: to enable easy access, you need to setting your router to reserve IP address by your device MAC. Thus your will have static IP when connected to the Wifi Router.

This way, you can create a FTP profile with static IP.

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