Senin, 08 November 2010

Easter’s Computer Specification Standard

I’ve made some classifications for PC specification in some range of price, and this become standard for me in suggesting others from buying PC depending on their budget.

  1. Starter PC (< Rp.3M)
  2. Atom PC (< Rp.3M)
  3. Basic PC (Rp.3M-Rp.4M)
  4. Personal PC (Rp.4M-Rp.5M)
  5. Performance PC (Rp.5M-Rp.7M)
  6. Gaming PC (Rp.7M-Rp.12M)
  7. Enthusiast PC (Rp.12M-Rp.25M)

Of course i’m not making this specification by the best or the most expensive product in its class, but by the most efficent price vs performance comparison. That’s why even the enthusiast PC not using the best graphic card or processor available.

For the brand names, it’s not likely that i’m promoting some brands, but it’s just for easier price and specification comparison.

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