Minggu, 11 Oktober 2015

Restored post from old blog

Just restored my old viceaster.com blog from my old hosting based on wordpress. I only have the 2013 dump but i think its okay since i rarely blog during that time.
However i cannot restore just using the dump, so i eventually need to restore my dump to a host, good thing is nowadays there are lot of free web hosting services, in this case i used www.1freehosting.com
First you need to create a database, just use any name and password and then open the phpmyadmin. Restore the mysql dump, which usually located on mysql folder of your cpanel dump.
Then you need to restore the public_html folder files. If your dump in home dir, please extract first and zip the content of public_html only. You will also need to change the wp-config.php to match your new database name, user, password, and host.
You might also need to define WP_HOME and WP_SITEURL if you restored to different domain.
If everythings okay head to your new website, access the wp login, go to tools and export the site into xml.
You cannot directly upload the xml from blogger since wordpress has different format. You need to convert your wordpress xml to blogger xml and it can be done by uploading the xml files to wordpress2blogger1.appspot.com.
The last step is to upload the xml from your blogspot. Voila your old post from wordpress finally show up on your blogspot.

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