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SGC100 Guide: How to Upgrade your Samsung Galaxy Camera to firmware XXALK1 (and Root)

Earlier this month i bought Samsung Galaxy Camera. Funny i never settle with something as is, so i look for updates, mods and tweaks.
When i bought my Galaxy Camera, its firmware is XXALJF.
Then i found out for my region, which means same CSC, there's newer firmware which is XXALK1. If you don't know the naming scheme by Samsung, the second from the end, J & K represents month the firmware released, so J represent October and K represent November, which obviously means that it is newer than my current firmware.
Also don't worry, this firmware is Official so the phone status will still be Official, and in my experience your data will be keep intact.

First thing you have to do is download the required files:
Download the firmware from Sammobile links here
Download the Odin and Root files from here (either you want root or not)

Now here is the step by step guide:
Turn off your camera by pressing power button and pull your battery and put it again 
Get into download mode, by pressing power button, shoot button, and zoom out (which in this case you need to turn the zoom toggle to the right)
Extract the downloaded files, there should be 5 files:
1. GC100XXALK1_GC100OLBALJB_GC100XXALJG_HOME.tar.md5 (update files)
2. SS_DL.dll (not required)
3. CF-Auto-Root-gd1-gd1xx-ekgc100.tar.md5
4. Odin3.ini (Odin Configuration files)
5. Odin3-v1.85.exe (Odin, the updater files)

Now connect your device while in download mode to the computer
Open Odin executables, there should be COM port number added in the below if you do it right
Click on PDA and Select the no.1 files
Click Start
It should take a while to upload the files to the device
After the installation completed, your phone will reboot.

Additional step for root (UPDATED)
XXALK1 4.1.1 firmware can be rooted without flashing CF-AutoRoot, that is by using ExynosAbuse v1.40.
It is very easy to do, just download the ExynosAbuse-v1.40.apk APK from here, install, run and select root device.
This will install SuperSU on the device, it should show up in the apps.
However this method cannot be done on updated 4.1.2 firmware since Samsung already fix the Exynos Exploit.

 Credits to Sammobile, AdamOutler and Chainfire @xda 

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