Senin, 14 Februari 2011

Cheapest Laptop You'll Ever Get in Indonesia! (Q1 2011)

Here's the list of cheapest laptop you can get in today's Indonesia computer market.

(GB)(GB)(")Rp. 000CPU Score
NathanSky BookAtomN450125010,221504934,36
AedupacPhoenix VA-510AtomN550132010,125007423,37
ZyrexCruiser LE4541PentiumP6100125014342518351,87
ZyrexCruiser LE4760Core i3370M132014397525751,54
A*NoteANote C14R53Core i5520M?232014,1495027281,81
AxiooNeon HNM.7.047Core i72630QM475014,1695049111,42

As you can see the list almost filled by local brand, except Aedupac which is an American brand, but the website seems not so representative.
I split the Atom processor in two, since there's a huge difference between N450, which is single core, and N550 which is dual core.
The first three from the list are typical of low voltage (and also low performance) notebook, or maybe you prefer to say netbook.
the last four processors are 32nm, unlike the first three which is an older 45nm architecture.
As you can see the last four is a performer, the screen size are all the same, which is 14", but yes it has its own tier.

Pentium is the same as Celeron which is a dual core with single thread in every core unlike the others which have dual thread in every core.
The i3 and i5 is not so differ, but the fact that i3 doesn't support turbo as i5 does.
All of the laptop here are using onboard graphic, it's a bad performance e.g. for gaming.
But there's a good side since onboard graphic means longer battery life.

PvP is Price versus Performance is gained by dividing price (from well-known local shop) with 3DMark'06 score (representing processor performance. the real performance may varies due difference in BIOS, memory, and other components).
The lower PvP means better pricing. As you can see, the lowest (which means the best PvP) is i7.
Yet i3 also has a good PvP since it's price under 4 million, which has good value for most people.

This is only a study in learning the cheapest laptop. It's not meant to be a buyer's guide, since most of the brand have higher prices.
There's many other factor in buying laptop, second from the processor usually graphic performance, either the screen size or the GPU.
The HDD and RAM usually are upgradeable so it's not the primary factor.
But there's another thing you should concern. It's the aftersales service, and that is.. Yours to decide.. :)

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