Jumat, 02 Oktober 2009

Our Trip to Far North of Jakarta: Pramuka Island


A day before عيد الفطر we started our trip to Pramuka Island from Muara Angke. It’s a team of six, me, acing, mike, dagor, defan, and the last but not least, our newcomer, bayu... took 30 grands for each of us to reach Pramuka Island using a boat. The boat sail every 7 AM and 1 PM everyday from Muara Angke, and we took the 1 PM boat. The boat using diesel engine in the middle, with upper and lower deck for passanger seat. it’s very windy even in the lower boat, and took more than two hours until we docked over at pramuka port.

so we arrived at Pramuka Island, and took a lunch at nearby canteen. for me the food seems plain, so i took none and prefer having some meatballs nearby. We continue to the inn which acing have booked before. the thing is, the inn has no vacant room (though we’ve booked before), so we’ve been directed to a somewhat native guest house. hmm.. a bed room with air conditioned and 4 simple foam bed in line. a living room with a tv, fan, hot dispenser, and complimentary playstation 2 from the house owner. :) hmm the squat toilet.. dislike it though.. ;)

after we put our backpack in our room, we took a walk around the island. we circled the island counter clockwised, since our house located northwest of the island. the seawater surely clear blue, we can even see what beneath it.. the coral, fishes.. we even see fishes jumping by the sea.

we even met some AJU students, acing and dagor friends.. (though acing don’t really know who is ;)) after took a walk we took a bath. for dinner we had meatballs (again, i did..) though not at the same place. it does taste better.. hmm maybe meatballs from Pasar Senen.

at night we hangout at the seaport. dagor even try to catch some fish with pot luck and had two strikes!! funny thing is, acing sliced some fishes in the bricked garden near the port, it does smell fishy odor.. but what comes next is, not long after we finished our fishing. there came some chicks and they sat on that brick which acing had tainted with that dead fishy fish.. just hoping those chicks don’t smell their pants later on when they sleep.. Taste like chicken, smell like fish.. tee-hee.. :)

We go back to our house, me and defan already exhausted and slept in the bed room shortly. Meanwhile dagor,acing, bayu and mike both are PES lover, so they played the game along the night before they sleep later on.




Later on


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